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At MoveAssist, our aim is to develop and implement high quality software products and to provide exceptional service and support to our clients. Developing software is a passion at MoveAssist. We have been creating unique solutions for all aspects of global mobility since we started out in 1997. Our people have been behind some of the most significant technological innovations in global mobility and our products have been developed alongside industry experts to ensure they are relevant, functional and deliver real value to the businesses that use them. We constantly re-evaluate our applications in response to changes in the market. This ability to evolve and adapt maintains our position as the most innovative software provider in global mobility.

What Our Clients Say
About MoveAssist.

"So easy..."

The system is flexible, easy to manipulate and navigate; anyone of any skill set can use mai-assignment. The team at MoveAssist could not be better, from negotiations, design of processes and workflow, to go-live. We never get a ‘no’ from the implementation team.

Katherine Robson
Global Mobility Specialist

"Fast turnaround"

MoveAssist’s fast turnaround for system customisations and configurations is one of the most impressive elements of their service focus. MoveAssist technology flexes to the customer’s needs, whereas other systems expect the customer to adapt to the system’s needs.

Scott Radford
Global Mobility Director

"Smooth Implementation"

MoveAssist proved to be very flexible and adaptive to our accelerated implementation timeline, excellent project management and business support made it possible to meet our go-live date as planned.

Such a high level of customer care was experienced not only during the implementation period, but after go-live as well – constant support during and after implementation made it smooth for our team to adapt to new ways of working.

Bianka Budai
International Mobility Expert
2A Ickleford Manor, Ickleford, Hitchin, SG5 3XE, United Kingdom
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