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Managing HHG shipments and storage in mai-world


The next generation of moving technology

The world has changed since we worked on the first commercial international moving system back in the late 1970's. mai-move brings moving technology right up to date with a Cloud based application that is smart, simple to use and secure. Access your data from anywhere in a secure environment that meets the requirements of the most demanding corporate clients while providing the flexibility required by modern consumers. Covering all aspects of international and domestic moving and storage, mai-move can automate repetitive tasks and documents while ensuring you stay on top of your financials. If you also provide DSP services, our comprehensive mai-relocation tool has it covered. On the mai-world platform, you can work directly with your clients and with business partners like RMCs and DSPs. Are you ready to move?
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Digital Transformation for Movers
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What makes mai-move different?

• Cloud based move management (SaaS)
• Survey scheduling and inventory tool
• Fast, accurate quotes for all move types - international & domestic
• Integrated least-cost-routing
• Vendor rate requests
• Tonnage reciprocity
• Crew and vehicle scheduling
• Groupage shipments
• Warehouse operations & storage billing
• Configurable Workflow
• Document production
• CRM module
• Email and communications management
• Billing & financial controls
• Client, Transferee and vendor portals
• Secure with Single Sign On (SSO) and Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Scroll down to see some key features of mai-move

01 — History

At MoveAssist, we have unrivalled experience in the moving industry. Our CEO worked on the development of the first commercial software package for international movers back in the 1970s. He pioneered the development of one of the earliest e-commerce platforms in the industry, and later created the first web-based application for the moving industry, MoveManager. MoveAssist International was founded in 1997 to support the original ‘MoveAssist’ product. Since then, we have worked with movers all over the world, from the very largest to some of the smallest. We have recently developed the next generation of moving technology, known as mai-move.

02 — Functionality

mai-move covers all of the key functions required by moving and storage companies such as workflow management, email and document merge, document library, CRM, billing, reporting and customer portals. We have a unique ‘least-cost-routing’ function that will calculate the cheapest, fastest and highest quality end to end routes for any shipment. mai-move also provides operational tools for dispatch, warehouse, resource management and groupage. An integrated survey 'app' allows surveyors to accurately estimate weights & volumes and material requirements.

03 — Integration

The mai-move framework is built on application programming interfaces (APIs), which makes integration simple. We are building an ecosystem of service providers who can all communicate via APIs, making process flows much more efficient and allowing sharing of key data with all stakeholders. mai-move is integrated with financial accounting systems and with third-party survey tools so you can work with the tools you want.

Why choose mai-move

MoveAssist has always been a leader in the development of moving technology. We have completely re-developed our software from scratch a number of times – first with MoveAssist, then MoveManager and then ReloAssist. And now with the development of mai-move, which belongs to the latest suite of cloud solutions, mai-world. We are calling on our many years of industry experience and adding in the latest technology advances to produce the next generation of moving software.


Intuitive workflow
Manage all types of moves, international, domestic, local with a simple, intuitive interface. The sophisticated workflow engine will keep you aware of any time-critical tasks and ensure that nothing is left undone.


Least cost routing
mai-move least cost routing functions allow you to calculate routes and their associated costs on complete end to end moves. All move types are catered for – door to door, door to port and door to warehouse, Sea, Air, Road, FCL, LCL and groupage. Results can be sorted by cost, transit time or vendor quality ratings.


Operations control
Functions for warehouse control, dispatch, scheduling and resource management along with key performance indicator dashboards are included in our ‘Operations control’ module.
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