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Solutions for Relocation Management Companies and Destination Service Providers

mai-relocation delivers a rich set of features for relocation management companies and destination service providers to enable efficiency and consistently high quality service to customers. Employing unique security features such as a completely separate database for each of your customers, mai-relocation allows you to work with the most demanding blue chip clients while providing the flexibility to work with smaller clients. With quality questionnaires and pulse surveys, you can measure assignee satisfaction with your service offering and also your vendor's performance. The customer pricing matrix allows you to configure pricing across a range of customers and includes flex options and bundle pricing. Pricing carries forward to the billing module where you can invoice for service fees and disbursements. mai-relocation covers every need of Relocation Management Companies and Destination Service Providers.
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Why mai-relocation is different

• Cloud based relocation service management (SaaS)
• Destination services plus immigration, tax and payroll
• Expense management
• Vendor rate requests
• Vendor initiation via API or email
• CRM module
• Customer pricing matrices
• Quality surveys
• Consultant workload analysis
• DSP app for check in/out inspections
• Assignee app for timeline tracking, expense posting and communication
• Email and document management
• Workflow with automation
• Billing (including consolidated invoices and statements) & financial controls
• Client, Assignee and vendor portals
• Secure with Single Sign On (SSO) and Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
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01 — A legacy of excellence

mai-relocation was built on the functionality found in our award winning product, ReloAssist, the leading relocation management solution since its development in 2005. ReloAssist is known for its depth of functionality for both RMCs and DSPs. We have built on this legacy and enhanced it with new features and a completely new interface.

02 — Feature Rich

mai-relocation covers all aspects of relocation management, providing assignment tracking, vendor management, expense management, compliance monitoring and billing. With portals for Employees, HR, Line Managers and Vendors, mai-relocation is the most comprehensive solution available to teams who want to streamline their operations and provide enhanced customer service.

A new look at Relocation Management

mai-relocation is built on the foundations of the successful ReloAssist product, first released in 2005. mai-relocation has all of the same features as ReloAssist but comes with a new intuitive user interface to enhance the experience, additional features and advanced security. mai-relocation belongs to the latest suite of cloud solutions mai-world.


Case and service management
Assign and track key events in each Service and set reminders for critical tasks with customisable workflow, task lists and prompts. Task escalation can be used to ensure services are delivered on time, every time. All service types, including home finding, orientation visits, immigration, property management and household goods shipping can be managed.


Customer relationship management
Manage your key customer relationships using facilities to record detailed profiles of companies, contacts, opportunities and all correspondence. mai-relocation tracks both existing and prospective customers. For enhanced security, each of your customers can have their own dedicated database, ensuring complete separation of data.


Customer and assignee portal
Customers can initiate and track their relocations via the HR portal while assignees can use their portal to keep up to date on all aspects of their relocation. Assignees can post expenses and maintain a travel diary on their mobile devices via the mai-world mobile app.


Vendor management
Initiate vendors for service provision and communicate via the vendor portal or use the built-in API features. The portal allows vendors to update key assignment data and to submit invoices online. Vendor & Consultant quality can be measured based on assignee feedback.


Reporting and dashboards
Real-time management information is at your fingertips with mai-relocation dashboards and reports. Create ad-hoc reports in an instant or use one of the many standard reports available. Reports can be run at local, country, regional or global level with security controls to restrict access to sensitive information.
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