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MoveAssist believes in partnerships to deliver value to the global mobility industry, providing some unique advantages and benefits to both vendors and in-house global mobility professionals. Read on to find out how we can work together.

MAI Partner Network


Our most integrated partnerships are known as mai-stars. This status allows service providers such as RMC’s using mai-world for assignment management to extend the full benefits of mai-world technology to the in-house clients that they service.

The end client (e.g. company ABC) maintains full ownership and control of their employee data, processes and technology. Some other key benefits include:

  • Consolidation of vendor ecosystem (a single POC for relocation management and technology)
  • A speedier and smoother technology implementation, so that the benefits of technology are quickly reaped.
  • Each client’s data and processes are stored securely and independently in the cloud (SaaS) and mai-world is ISO 27001 certified offering the highest level of security.
  • Corporate clients maintain full freedom and flexibility to bring services back in-house or switch to another provider whilst retaining access to their technology and data

As a mai-star partner this allows you to extend your service portfolio to include a state of the art technology solution for your clients and at no additional cost to your client.


For service providers with significant knowledge or experience in mai-world and wish to become an approved referrer. Friends commit to participating in annual training in mai-world to ensure they remain up to speed. We may also agree to joint marketing activities.


A select group of industry experts with deep knowledge of MoveAssist Technology. These trusted partners may be in-house professionals or vendors. In our champions we value honesty, integrity and independent-thinking. Champions are invited to attend our fun annual boot camps, which involve good food and blue-sky thinking.

mai-champions are by invitation only

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Global Mobility

The complete end-to-end solution for all global mobility needs, designed for in-house mobility teams and assignment managers.

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Delivering a rich set of features for relocation management companies and destination service providers to enable efficiency and consistently high quality service to customers.

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The next generation of moving technology to manage the end-to-end process of household goods moves with least-cost routing tools for international shipments already available.