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01 — Innovation

The team at MoveAssist have been behind some of the most significant innovations in global mobility over the last 30 years. Our products are at the leading edge of technology and have won a number of awards for innovation. We create new and exciting products, delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) in a secure private cloud. Our response to requests for new functionalities is second to none.

02 — Flexibility

Our products are developed with the user experience at heart. Software that you use every day at work needn’t be cumbersome and unappealing. Highly configurable, our systems have the flexibility to allow you to configure the look and feel you want and to operate in the way you need for greater efficiency.

03 — Personal Approach

We believe in a personal approach. We get to know our clients to build long-term partnerships. We won’t pass you from team to team – you’ll work with a dedicated team throughout our relationship. We are continually learning from the people we work with and build that knowledge into our products.
At MoveAssist, our aim is to develop and implement high quality software products and to provide exceptional service and support to our clients. Developing software is a passion at MoveAssist. We have been creating unique solutions for all aspects of global mobility since we started out in 1997. Our people have been behind some of the most significant technological innovations in global mobility and our products have been developed alongside industry experts to ensure they are relevant, functional and deliver real value to the businesses that use them. We constantly re-evaluate our applications in response to changes in the market. This ability to evolve and adapt maintains our position as the most innovative software provider in global mobility.

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MoveAssist was founded by Robby Wogan to provide support for the moving software he had developed over the previous five years.


Development began on ‘MoveManager’, the first web-based system for international movers.


ReloAssist, a new web-based product for relocation managers and DSPs is released.


Development starts on mai-assignment, an assignment management system for in-house mobility teams.


MAIA, the first global mobility chatbot, is released and wins the ‘Re:Locate’ technological innovation award, 10 years after ReloAssist won the same award.


mai-assignment version 2 is released with a new user interface and enhanced security features.


mai-world is born. Currently the only true SaaS platform in our industry - one central application configured for in-house mobility teams, relocation managers and service providers.

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