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What makes mai-move different?



At MoveAssist, we have unrivalled experience in the moving industry. Our CEO worked on the development of the first commercial software package for international movers back in the 1970s. He pioneered the development of one of the earliest e-commerce platforms in the industry, and he later created the first web-based application for the moving industry, MoveManager. MoveAssist International was founded in 1997 to support the original 'MoveAssist' product. Since then we have worked with movers all over the world, from the very largest to some of the smallest. We are now embarking on the development of the next generation of moving technology, known as mai-move.



mai-move will cover all of the key functions required by moving and storage companies. Building on the framework used for our mai-assignment product, much of the required functionality is already in place, such as workflow management, email and document merge, document library, CRM, billing, reporting and customer portals. We have a unique 'least-cost-routing' function that will calculate the cheapest, fastest and highest quality end to end routes for any shipment. Next up we are developing additional move management tools and following that, operational tools for dispatch, warehouse and resource management.



The mai-move framework is built on application programming interfaces (APIs), which makes integration simple. We are building an eco-system of service providers who can all communicate via APIs, making process flows much more efficient and sharing key data with all stakeholders. In addition, it will be possible to pass data to and from our mai-assignment product, allowing for integration with your existing and potential customers.

Moving technology

MoveAssist has always been a leader in the development of moving technology. We have completely re-developed our software from scratch a number of times - first with MoveAssist, then MoveManager and then ReloAssist. Now, we are doing it again with the development of mai-move. We are calling on our many years of industry experience and adding in the latest technology advances to produce the next generation of moving software.


Move Management

Manage all types of moves, international, domestic, local with a simple, intuitive interface. The sophisticated workflow engine will keep you aware of any time-critical tasks and ensure that nothing is left undone.

Mai-move product feature - move management of critical tasks

Least Cost Routing

The mai-move least cost routing functions allow you to calculate routes and their associated costs on complete end to end moves. All move types are catered for - door to door, door to port and door to warehouse, Sea, Air, Road, FCL, LCL and groupage. Results can be sorted by cost, transit time or vendor quality ratings.

Mai-move product feature - least cost routing calculation

Operations control

Functions for warehouse control, dispatch, scheduling and resource management along with key performance indicator dashboards will be included in our 'Operations control' module.

Mai-move product feature - operations control

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