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What makes mai-assignment different?



We have built mai-assignment to be a 'smart' system, with the automation of mundane tasks and processes. We have also developed innovative new products within mai-assignment, such as 'smart menus' which provide different options depending on the status of a Case, sentiment analysis to measure assignee's attitudes and MAIA, the first global mobility chatbot.



We provide a clean, appealing interface to make operating mai-assignment simple for all users. We recognise that users must be able to navigate to the information they want with ease so user experience is one of our top priorities. We also allow users to customise the experience to their own requirements.



The security of your data is paramount. At MoveAssist, we have ISO 27001 certification not just for our processes but also for our products and our software development cycle. All of our data is encrypted, we have firewalls built into the application and we can offer two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign on (SSO) for additional security.

Key Features

mai-assignment takes a fresh approach to assignment management and provides an appealing and intuitive experience for all users within your global mobility ecosystem. The features below are just a snapshot of the extensive functionality that makes mai-assignment the 'complete' assignment management system. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Keep track of your assignees to ensure they stay compliant

With comprehensive assignment tracking and management features, mai-assignment will keep you informed at all times about your global population. You can track employees to ensure their documents are current and that they do not overstay in different tax jurisdictions.

Mai-assignment product feature - global assignment tracking

Build compensation packages to compare cost estimates and produce balance sheets

You can quickly & easily produce detailed cost estimates and balance sheets (compensation statements) for any case types (long term & short-term assignments, commuters, rotators and permanent transfers), drawing on a variety of data sources via APIs and data tables. Compensation, taxes, benefits and allowances can all be calculated quickly and accurately. Multiple cost scenarios can be compared side-by-side so you make informed decisions

Mai-assignment product feature - compensation package creation

Stay on top of your tasks with intelligent workflow

mai-assignment has a powerful workflow engine which can be customised to suit the internal and external processes of any global mobility programme. mai-assignment automates reminders and produces documents from within your tasklist.

Mai-assignment product feature - customisable workflow engine

Include all stakeholders in the process

mai-assignment provides portals for employees, management, finance, payroll and even vendors, ensuring everyone involved in the process stays in touch and informed at all times. Customisable dashboards provide meaningful insights for management at a glance.

Mai-assignment product feature - dashboard management portal

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