Augmenting your Global Mobility Programme Through API Technology

How a business wins or loses is increasingly dependent on how well they connect to external party apps, devices and services. Fortune, 2015 Through interconnectivity, all parties can share up-to-date and relevant data to contribute to the overall success of a global mobility programme. This is particularly helpful when trying to develop a coherent and … Read more

MAIA in Action!

Check out our new video featuring our award-winning global mobility chatbot, MAIA. We’d love to hear what you think, so please leave us a comment! MAIA works in partnership with our global mobility software mai-assignment by drawing on the data held within the application to answer a whole host of user questions. Like what you see? … Read more

Evolving the Workplace to the New Workspace

Evolving attitudes to work and the work environment are facilitated by technology in the cloud which enables remote working without the traditional infrastructure of an office space. Technology enables businesses to collaborate across a range of locations and timezones and equally include candidates who may not be formally employed but have the skills that are … Read more

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Global Mobility

The complete end-to-end solution for all global mobility needs, designed for in-house mobility teams and assignment managers.

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Delivering a rich set of features for relocation management companies and destination service providers to enable efficiency and consistently high quality service to customers.

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The next generation of moving technology to manage the end-to-end process of household goods moves with least-cost routing tools for international shipments already available.